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The Time Is Now

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About this blog

Blog started March 2020 -  The Time Is Now, to wake up and learn the lessons that we need as a collective, to save our planet and life as we know it, before it is too late. Corona virus is an extreme contrast learning.  Can we learn from this, without needing further contrast???

SAM (Securely Attached to Mankind), is a collective consciousness of guides that Maureen has been channelling since June 2006.  These guides are here to help us with our game of life.  SAM's tell-it-like-it-is approach, still having compassion for us as humans, is what makes their messages resonate with people.  No spiritual dogma here, they lay their messages out without the stereotypical 'new age' nuances, even adding in a swear or two if it better makes their point.  Their goal is to get us to understand what is really happening, so that we can make better decisions as a collective, and improve our quality of life.

Entries in this blog

SAM's Perspective on 5G - Dangerous Or Not? - April 8, 2020

"It has been said that 5G is different than 2G/3G/4G because it is much stronger than the others have been and will now use 'millimetre' waves.  But does that necessarily make it more damaging?  The fear is that these mm wavelengths, which are denser, will affect your body negatively because you will not be able to assimilate these frequencies.  Your body can and will be able to assimilate these frequencies.  Even for those that are sensitive to radiation, already finding yourself debilitated in

SAM's Perspective on Conspiracy Theories Using Coronavirus As Example - April 8 2020

Note:  This is a long blog - at least a 10 minute read.  If you are fearful about some of the conspiracy theories you are seeing on social media currently about COVID-19, SAM makes sure you will deeply understand what is truth, and what is not, from their perspective on both COVID-19 as well as conspiracy theories in general.  Grab a warm beverage and grab a seat! "Use discernment. Stop buying into half-truths that have been taken out of context and then re-purposed into a whole theory that

Why Now? - March 31, 2020

"There. Are. No. Victims.  All there truly is, are Innovators. Birthers of 'the new'.  Visionaries who can come up with ways to change the systems that were not working for you (and there were many) so that they work better for all the people, not just a few. Do you realize the opportunity you truly have here folks?  How often, does the whole world at the same time, get a chance at rebirth?  To literally save the planet from the harm and destruction that you have been ignoring as your indiv

Seeing Truth In These Confusing Times - March 21, 2020

"You can do this. Use your Essence lens. Pray/intend for clarity of what you can do to help in this crisis.  For those of you finding ways to safely entertain others, support others, have gratitude for those on the front lines, good for you...for those of you that ARE essential workers, TELL the public HOW you can be supported. Time to declare your needs. You deserve them to be met. And the people need to listen."  - collective consciousness SAM With the corona virus appearing to not have h

The Corona Virus - The Opportunity And Gift In These Times - March 17, 2020

"This corona virus is a test for mankind.  It is a litmus test, for where your planet is at. Are you high consciousness enough to get yourselves out of this crisis and into creating better systems that work for all?  Or are you going to let this crisis eat away at you, clearing away your last feelings of hope? It is all perspective." -  SAM  (the collective consciousness Securely Attached to Mankind) We know that many of you are concerned about what is coming in the days ahead, as you see t
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