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SAM's Perspective on Conspiracy Theories Using Coronavirus As Example - April 8 2020

Maureen & Guides


Note:  This is a long blog - at least a 10 minute read.  If you are fearful about some of the conspiracy theories you are seeing on social media currently about COVID-19, SAM makes sure you will deeply understand what is truth, and what is not, from their perspective on both COVID-19 as well as conspiracy theories in general.  Grab a warm beverage and grab a seat!

"Use discernment. Stop buying into half-truths that have been taken out of context and then re-purposed into a whole theory that has many holes.  Stop listening to the fear mongers, those that infer that everyone with more power is against you.  Stop being a victim!  Though we absolutely agree that there is corruption in governments, it is not as extreme as these theories make it out to be. See Truth, not Fear." -  SAM

So many of you are posting on social media different opinions and even ‘conspiracy theories’ regarding COVID-19.  Some say to wear masks, some say not to.  Some say Coronavirus lives for days on surfaces, others say hours.   Others now say that maybe COVID-19 can be transmitted in the air for 3 hours, while others say droplets are heavy and thus immediately fall to the ground.   Who are you to believe?

There are still people asking why COVID-19 is being focused on more than accidental deaths by cars, cancer deaths, etc.  The difference here dear ones, is that many of the countries of the world are experiencing a ‘novel’ (new) pathogen at the same time, so serious that for some people, the virus penetrates and damages the lungs or other organs until organ failure.  This is not your common flu complication.

The reported numbers are lower than there truly are cases (there are many more COVID-19 cases across the world than can be tested accurately in this time frame).  Does the same overload of cases happen with such a quick timeline for cancer or other related death signatures? It does not.

So yes, many people get COVID-19 and recover, but the overwhelm of the medical systems is what the triggering issue is – the current systems you have in place - including medicine to cure in order to prevent serious complications needing ICU support - are not enough to ‘flatten the curve’ in some cities or countries.

More deaths happen from other stimuli, of course!  Perhaps more often and consistently, but not in such an unpredictable time frame that forces overwhelmed systems to choose who can live and who can die. Therein lies why they can call this a pandemic, and not be exaggerating, nor it be considered ‘fake news’ or a ‘hoax’.

We have seen many conspiracy theories showing up on Facebook, many of them by spiritual people who truly believe that this whole pandemic is either man-created (a bioweapon) or created in order to force 5G to come into play (we give our perspective on 5G in another blog).  Others believe this pandemic is being created so that martial law can be implemented - the governments of the world desiring to finally achieve their ‘New World Order’ (NWO) - plans that they have had in the works underground for years.

Those of you who believe these theories, are you able to recognise the energy of fear, anger, and victim-consciousness at the core of all these claims?  We understand that some of you see the leaders of these theories as the ‘underdogs’, fighting for the good of man. You resonate with not being understood, the truth being suppressed.  You have had similar experiences of being misunderstood or suppressed, when you were indeed telling the truth.  Do you see that your own mirrors of not being seen, heard, understood, or believed, lend you to be more interested in these types of theories?  Theories where everyone is against you - the whole world and systems in fact - and that just a few really ‘smart ones’ need to overhaul all that exists because everyone else is too blind to see?

Many of you on your posts have said you do want to hear others’ perspectives, so hear ours. Our question is - since most of the world governments have successfully convinced the collective that all are in danger and must stay home, why are the governments not already enacting this full martial law in every country right now?

We are concerned, when the ‘experts’ that you give away your power to, don’t necessarily have the proof that fully checks out, unless your ‘research,’ guides you to more and more conspiracy sites that will corroborate the same type of theories.  Just because there are many sites saying the very same thing, does not make it Truth.  It is no more than a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The proof they have, even if from a scientist, is not collaborated by thousands of other scientists (perhaps only a few hundred), yet to you, it still has more merit. Conspiracy theories are created by taking something that starts as truth, or perhaps is even a half truth, and then built on from there.  Half truths are not full truths and should not be taken as such.  It reminds us of how religious preachers take written passages out of the bible, skewing the meaning with their own wounded perceptions, and people taking that as the true ‘word of god’ rather than understanding it as man’s interpretation.  (From a book at its core, written by men, but said to be written by God – now that is for another blog topic, if you are interested in our perspective on the bible and other religious texts.) 

Without your own inner discernment, without your own ability to tune into your own piece of God/Source/All There Is (your Essence connection), you will always be at risk to fall prey to these people who mean well, who truly believe what they have researched, but are sorely misguided by their own woundedness and shadow.

Do you think the governments want their economy to be tanking right now?  They have avoided taking care of the homeless, mentally ill, poverty-stricken, and other ‘vulnerable’ groups for centuries. Now, due to this pandemic and fear of spreading the virus, they are forced to be caring for these folks for the first time (and they are still trying to avoid this, barely offering enough change to make a dent).  Does it really make logical sense that they would be implementing some basic rights or incomes for some of these groups, pulling homeless folks off the streets and putting them into shelter (when they’ve ignored them for so long) as a way to move further towards a New World Order?  If this was their goal, why self-create a pandemic?  There are many ways to cause chaos, just simply change the rules! Donald Trump has been the perfect example of that!

If you are well-versed in these Youtube theories, your answer is that this is a distraction plan, to make us THINK they are helping the people, when really, this is just a big cover up for the Deep State and deeper desires of the NWO. That they need to protect the big banks and corporations, thus are going to allow the world’s economy to crash, as a way to further control the people with cashless societies, forced vaccinations, cameras everywhere, microchips.  And we do see mirroring of these advancements in other countries – ex. China.  Thus, it must be logical then, that it will come true in every country, will it not?

No.  It will not. 

In fact, what is occurring is the exact opposite of these theories.  Governments that have ignored the vulnerable, are now being forced to recognize and help them, for fear of pandemic spread (it has taken fear of their own death to get them to act mercifully to the vulnerable, ironically).  Essential workers who before were not given enough importance or respect, are now proving themselves to be more important than the richest corporations and people in the world. Do you think this benefits the rich/corporations, for everyone to see that when push comes to shove, what really saves society is ‘the little guy’, the ‘average’ workers, rather than those that own the top 1-10% of the world’s wealth?

It allows the guise to be up. No longer will folks if they are awake, believe in ‘trickle down’ economics.  If that were true, response to this pandemic would be different.   Instead, the people who are ‘saving the world’, are the folks in the grocery stores, the medical system, the daycare workers.  Parents forced to teach their children school at home, finally recognising just how difficult it is to do.  Teachers are no longer considered folks who are ‘paid well enough especially with summers off’.  Cleaners, garbage collectors, workers collecting food on the fields, THESE are the people who are needed to keep society going. Essential workers are showing us daily that without them, we do not have a smooth-running society.

Do you think the governments want the world to wake up to these awarenesses? It does not benefit them, if they want to continue the focus on the top 10% of the world’s wealthy.  You now have the opportunity to flip the world’s priorities on its head.  Why should governments give such big tax breaks to corporations, vs small businesses?  Why should teachers, nurses/medical staff, daycare workers, other ‘essential employees’ make so little, while others in less essential jobs, make 2 or 3 times more, and get more benefits?  If you folks truly ‘learn the lesson’ in all of this, you will demand a complete overhaul of who is considered important and worth more pay/benefits, versus the way the system is currently set up.  Are you awake enough?  Or do you need more contrast until you ‘get it’?  Do you need over-exhausted and under-protected medical staff to strike and refuse to help those in need, because their needs aren’t being met?  Or food supply issues to be created because drivers or grocery workers are not protected enough?  Do you need that type of contrast for it to spell out to you of who is really saving things here, and who is not?

The world’s priorities have been screwed up for a long time, and you folks have a chance to alter all of this perception, and put the money into the health care, education, daycare, and other essential systems that are always the first to be ‘cut’ by governments.

Though governments do absolutely need to be regulated and watched by their people, and people’s apathy has allowed governments to make laws that do not favour the all, this does not mean that you stretch these truths  into considering that this pandemic is all a controlled hoax to ensure that 5G gets implemented or that big banks can be spared true transparency because then the pandemic is blamed for the economy’s shutdown.  This is taking some of the truths of the government’s abuse of power and neglect of vulnerable groups, much too far. 

And what about the dastardly banks?  One could argue that banks have it better than they ever have, as more people now need loans and money and they are still charging interest, but this is a very shallow view.  Banks do best when economies are flowing, when people have trust in the economy (people do not right now), and things are stable.  Things could not be more unstable. A new business of opening a restaurant is not going to happen now, seeing how drive-thru or pick up is the only option.  All new businesses of the typical restaurant variety will now have to change gears in order to still be relevant now, and in case something like this happens in the future again.  Doctors who wanted to get loans to open up their own practices, now have to question whether they even want to work in a society where they are put on the front lines to heal a pandemic without the proper equipment, respect, and protection, or that their practice could be closed if they are not considered an essential medical service (ex. optometrists, dentists).  Small businesses who sell luxury items vs ‘essentials’, are no longer going to feel confident in their longevity as a business.  When the systems we have in place do not work as they are expected to, stocks go down, banks and corporations lose money, and the buyers lose faith in the stability.  People attempt to save money, not spend it.

The government has not done all of this on purpose in efforts to get all of you in houses so they can control you further. They are flailing to control what could be the most damaging economy crash in the last century.  They are scared and trying to keep it together, not dastardly planning this as a way to control society.  The theory that they would on purpose cause this crash, in order to force people into a digital money society where they could fully control you and take away your rights, is illogical at best, fear-based paranoia at worst.  In your Facebook posts you continue to say ‘do the research’, but do you realize dear ones, that your research is flawed? You get guided to these more extreme-view sites, where they lay all of this out for you, in a logical enough fashion, that you believe that it must be true.  But let’s take a bit of time to explain to you what is happening here, for the sake of an energetic point of view.

The David Icke’s of the world are not frauds (and yes, we have watched his Youtube videos on his theories of 5G and Coronavirus and Deep State and the like in order to familiarize ourselves with exactly what you are watching, and we realize there are many other leaders out there saying similar things). They truly do believe their standpoint.  They really believe their message is to get it out to the free world.  However, just because they are charismatic and convinced of their views, does not make them Truth.  Using David Icke as the example, what we ask you to do as you watch, is look for his Essence connection. Do you see his Essence shining through as he speaks?  Is the Truth of his words emanating out of his field as he speaks?  Is there a sense of peace and knowing and grace felt, as a result of his views? 


In his videos, David Icke refers to everyone who does not believe what he believes to be sheep, sheeple, and idiots.  He seems arrogant and angry at times as he talks in his presentations.  Full victim consciousness is on display as he lays out how everyone is stupid and blind to what is occurring in this world, other than people who believe what he believes.  Everything is to be feared.  All in power, are nefarious in their desires.  Tell us dear ones, where is the Essence light in this approach? For you folks who are spiritual, doing spiritual healing and coaching as careers, caring for others and discussing love and light and how everyone is connected, how do the David Icke type of leaders align truly with your spiritual beliefs? Do you not see this as the utter opposite of what Source-based reasoning is?  How is it that you are able to offer up healing sessions ‘for the fear’ to other clients, and yet you yourself spend hours of your time ruminating in these fear-based programs?  There is a dichotomy within you, that needs healing. Let us explain.

You need to go deeper into you, not David Icke to get the answer. David Icke is just the mirror of many people who do see corruption of the government and how it does not serve the all (and this is of course Truth), so then allows themselves to be pulled deeper into more deeply set views because the shallower layers are true.  And if you yourself, have victim consciousness (and as humans, all of you do to a certain extent), this will trigger those parts of you that feel unseen, unheard, undervalued. The parts of you that know that the world should be better.  That there are ‘powers that be’ out there that do not have your best interest at heart (this is also Truth).  As a result of your own childhoods, or even soul past lives where perhaps you have been victimized and still hold victim consciousness as a strong lens of how you view the world, you use this wounded lens to align with these conspiracies, because on some level, they make you feel better.  They make you feel important, like you may know more than someone else.  That you have found the secret!  A sense of community where someone else ‘gets you’ and ‘gets it’ because they too, see how screwed up the world is.  That maybe you can be the part of ‘the change’, to help society better itself. 

Dear ones, we are the first ones to agree that you have much to heal in your world, but again, this does not mean that the game you are playing is so convoluted, so evil, that those that control it are truly just trying to turn you into controlled, dystopian societies.  Or as David Icke believes, that shape-shifting reptilian aliens have possessed the world leaders, thus all governments have been compromised.  How do these propaganda fears, still align with you, at the same time that you claim you are all about love and light?  This is not possible, for you to be resonating at the high frequency of love, and yet still be attracted to and resonating with frequencies based in anger, fear, victimhood.  Your love and light aspects are not what are attracting you to these theories, dear ones. Your own anger, fear, victim consciousness, and wounded aspects are.  Heal those, and you will no longer be attracted to these theories nor resonate with them as Truth.

All of the ‘conspiracy theories’ aside, you know what the good news is, dear ones?  If you want to be the helper, to help society be better, you still can do so.  You just need to heal your wounded lens so that you can see the opportunity in this pandemic, rather than the fear of the future as a result of it.  This pandemic shift is necessary, to shift perspective on who is important, who deserves more pay, more appreciation, more value in society.  For you to rebalance out who you are, why you are playing this game of life. What moral values as society are important to you and the world you live in.  This chance at re-birth could be so helpful, for those of you who have seen the discrepancies but in the past, it seemed like there would be no way to change the systems.  Now is your chance, to change all of it, and from an empowered state, not a victimized state!  But buying into these conspiracy theories is not going to help. It distracts you.  Instead, find ways that you can help change society for the better.  Speak out for these vulnerable groups who still do not have enough rights and find ways collectively ‘as the people’ to get governments to see that as a grand collective, everyone needs to change their priorities and what they value.  Help the Essential workers get higher pay.  Help change the priorities and morals of ‘the people’.  You can still ‘be the change’.  Being the change is not buying into these conspiracy theories based in low consciousness, yet you believe you are bringing light to the world through your distribution of them. You are doing the opposite!  You are bringing forth more pain, more discord, more distrust, and more woundedness to all.

Use discernment.  Stop buying into half- truths that have been taken out of context and then re-purposed into a whole theory that has many holes.  Stop listening to the fear mongers, those that infer that everyone with more power is against you. Stop being a victim!  Though we absolutely agree that there is corruption in governments, it is not as extreme as these theories make it out to be.

 See Truth, not Fear.

You do so much damage by buying into the fear that everyone is against ‘the good guy’ and that all who control Earth have bad intentions.  To you Lightworkers who believe this, those people who might seek you out for your services that you offer, will second guess what you stand for, if you mirror out this dichotomy.  We can rebirth the systems that need help in society, but if you are focused on NWO concepts, you will miss the opportunity at your feet and be looking in the wrong place for change.

Open your eyes.  Anchor into Essence, not fear, anger, and victimhood. 

Enough on conspiracy theories in general, lets get back to discrepancies on the Coronavirus itself.  Are any of you curious as to our view about how Coronavirus spreads from an energetic perspective?

Pretty simple. If you need the energetic shift that Corona ‘the balancer’ provides, you’re going to get the virus. Even if you wear a mask. Even if you wear gloves. Even if you self-isolate…you will get some version of it, through a slip-up of you or another person, or some impetus, because you need the shift. Does that mean you should ignore the rules to stay home? Not at all.  Logic is always good to follow, and absolutely physical distancing and quarantining is imperative to honor your medical system and give all those front liners a chance to save you or the others in need.  THAT is why you are staying at home.  Not to be ‘locked up’, but to slow the spread so that the Essential Workers are not putting the lives of themselves and their families at more risk than they already are.  You are isolating FOR THEM.  And why do they deserve that?  Because they are out there, keeping these essential services running FOR YOU.  If you’re really based in love and light, LOVE THEM. Love the Essential workers, who can’t stay home, because their work is needed.  Love those that are sick, who have needed this shift, rather than questioning whether it is really Coronavirus that they are sick with.

To mask or not to mask???  Look around at all of the people wearing masks out of cloth believing they are somehow immune to COVID-19 (where droplets can still get through, or the moisture you create from breathing actually gives the opportunity for COVID-19 droplets to settle and stick on your mask).  You are not necessarily safer.  Or wearing an N95 mask (that you should be giving to front line workers), that doesn’t fit you properly, or that you take off without proper protocols and thus infect yourself anyways?  If you truly want to stop the spread, you do need to stay home, wherever possible. Wash your hands, disinfect surfaces, be wise about cleanliness.  Yes, we see that COVID-19 can survive on surfaces though many of you have touched surfaces with COVID-19 and not contracted the virus.  The more conscious you are in potentially contaminated environments, the safer you can be.  There is more danger in a hospital setting where COVID-19 patients reside, versus on plastic/metal surfaces in a grocery store where conscientious cleaning is occurring often.  In the end though, your energy field will attract what you need. And if you need COVID-19 even to be a mild flu for you (that you don’t even recognize as COVID-19 but assume is allergies or a random flu/cold), you will still attract it in order to get the energetic shift.  And what about the fear of COVID-19 staying in the air for 3 hours? At this time (April 8, 2020), we see that you are not receiving COVID-19 from suspended air droplets.  We are seeing transmission occur from one surface or cough/sneeze to another person.  This could change over time, where COVID-19 could mutate to the degree where it truly is dangerous to go outside. That would be extreme contrast, would it not?  Right now, you still as a collective are experiencing ‘easy path’, where you are able to enjoy the outdoors and re-connect with Mother Earth.  In fact, re-connecting with nature is part of this re-set for all of you.  We are hoping that you as humans do not need stronger contrast, that would take this connection to nature away.

Be a good person.  For the sake of others, follow the rules, to show that you care about your fellow man.  If you rebelliously are still going out with your friends, or avoiding social distancing because it is inconvenient, you are displaying for all to see that you care for your needs more than others. By doing this, you are ‘playing god’ without realizing it, as you are deciding by your actions that another gets sick. Do you really want to have that responsibility?  If all follow what is being suggested, you allow that particular country to have a chance at lessening the contrast level.  Do you really need more people to die to learn the lessons here?  Do you need to force the governments to take more power over you, because you are ignoring their requests and still outside in groups, then squawking that this was always their intent, to create martial law?  Using Canada as the example, leaders are constantly imploring Canadians to ‘do the right thing’ so that they don’t have to employ stricter measures. If they wanted to so badly, they would have already done so. If they do have to employ more, it is because YOU ARE NOT LISTENING, not because they crave power.

How much in contrast does this pandemic need to go, for you to fully get the point?  Do you need to see a million die, in order to understand that this was not overblown or a hoax?  Or are your views so down the bunny hole that you will just say that the million deaths are a fabricated number anyway?  If you are this far down the fear/distrust bunny hole, perhaps our message will fall on deaf ears. This is okay. We write this today for those of you seeing all of these social media posts being distributed about conspiracies on Coronavirus, and wondering if you are truly missing something, or if your gut feeling is correct that the views are extreme. We write this for you.

Some people in the world have shown us that they need to experience hard path. Pastors who claim they should be able to keep church services going because ‘god will spare them’, only to die of Coronavirus a few weeks later and spread many cases around their congregation.  Charlatan Christian preachers who call COVID-19 the devil and ‘breathe him away’, as they ask for seed money for their next project.  For those of you who believe this is a hoax, that it’s not as bad as the media says, perhaps you need the wake-up call of yourself or someone you really care about getting really sick or dying. Do you?  Why choose such contrast?  Why choose such pain?

Choose inner discernment instead of extreme theories.  Choose selflessness and caring for others’ well-being, rather than selfishness.   Be a helper, rather than a hindrance.  Learn the lessons that are presented here, so the learning doesn’t need to get any worse.  Because it will. This is how contrast works. Why do you think you have this pandemic in the first place?  Because you have needed this wake-up call as a collective, a way to force you to rethink everything that you have told yourself is ‘important’ in your life.  And if this pandemic itself doesn’t work and you continue to damage your planet and yourselves as humans, more will come as a response from Mother Earth to ensure you see that she will do anything to recover her balance. It is the human race that is unbalanced, not her.

Our advice?  Don’t test her.  Mother Earth is more powerful than you will ever be, and she will always win.  Learn the lesson now, and save further stress, pain, trauma, and death for everyone.

You have seen how quickly she can rebound, just from a few months of her letting her get some reprieve.  For those of you all praying for Mother Earth, don’t pray for her.  And don’t pray to get rid of COVID-19 either!  By doing so, you are not understanding that COVID-19 is here to give you the solution to the bigger problems in the world.  You are praying away the solution!!!  Instead, if you must collectively pray, pray for yourselves/others – pray for your wounded lens, to overcome your fear, anger, victim consciousness and other low consciousness views.  Pray to heal yourselves to the degree, where you as humans are worthy to be on earth and will continue to make changes in this world so that Mother Earth is proud to house you.  You the humans are who need the help.  Mother Earth would be just fine if the whole human race died off right now.  Have you seen how quickly the animals have started to overtake parts of cities because of less traffic?  The ozone layer repairing itself, smog disappearing. Mother Earth can live without you just fine. In fact, she would be much better off.  The human race abuses her. She doesn’t abuse you. 


Securely Attached To Mankind and helping your journey,



28 minute channelled SAM read of this blog:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqh25mkthwgnqqm/Corona Conspiracy blog- Apr 8 2020.mp3?dl=0

 copyright Source Within 2020. All Rights Reserved


If you feel that someone you know would benefit from reading/listening to this perspective, feel free to share.

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Thank you for this information, SAM and Maureen and guides.  It helps me to understand the power of conspiracy theories about Covid-19, to see them with a different perspective and to empower myself by being more and more connected with Essence. 

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