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Seeing Truth In These Confusing Times - March 21, 2020

Maureen & Guides


"You can do this. Use your Essence lens. Pray/intend for clarity of what you can do to help in this crisis.  For those of you finding ways to safely entertain others, support others, have gratitude for those on the front lines, good for you...for those of you that ARE essential workers, TELL the public HOW you can be supported. Time to declare your needs. You deserve them to be met. And the people need to listen."  - collective consciousness SAM

With the corona virus appearing to not have hit Canada very hard yet, and the media inferring that the social distancing is working, we just wanted you to be aware of a few things.  We as SAM, can ‘see’ who has the corona virus very easily. A virus that you can look at under a microscope is a living organism, also has an energy field which we can see clearly.  So we know that for a fact, there are many more cases (hundreds more in some provinces, a thousand more cases in another) than are currently being discovered/reported. Since testing is still either being rationed, or not done at all because they believe unless you are having laboured breathing that there is no point, there is no actual way to have an ACCURATE count of how many people currently have COVID-19 in Canada.  The doctors’ focus to test those solely that have travelled is a mistake in our eyes. They already know of a few cases who have it where there was no travel, thus ‘community spread’ has occurred. Though we are not suggesting that they test everyone, they should be encouraging more than social distancing at this point.  If you are a decision maker for a workplace and have not yet heeded the guidelines of less staff/social distancing/ working from home, you are behind the curve.  The only way to lessen the amount of cases in Canada, so that you are not an ‘Italy’ is to be social distancing AND self-isolating now, wherever possible.  With internet, there are so many ways for you to be doing business meetings (Ex. Zoom) that there is no excuse for not taking precautions. Choosing to stay open for money purposes and livelihood, though an important root chakra fear, will cause deaths.  This is a time for innovation – for those that feel you need to work to avoid bankruptcy, to come up with new ways to ‘stay open’, to serve the public.  Like the restaurants that no longer allows eat-in dining but can still serve you with ‘no contact delivery’.  Like the stores taking social distancing to the degree where they only allow in a certain amount of people in the store at a time, to ensure that distancing occurs.  We understand everyone wishes they could make light of this in order to self-protect  -  “It can’t be that bad…see, there’s only 18 cases in all of Manitoba, it hasn’t even hit us yet!” but this is not accurate logic that you are using.  There are carriers of the Corona Virus right now, that you know, who are symptomless. This is what is so fascinating about this virus – almost everyone is going to get some version of it. Those of you who have already had a tickle in your throat, turning into a dry cough, a headache, slight fever, gone in a few days, are one of the lucky ones. You have already HAD corona virus, but you did not need much of a cellular exchange or shift, thus got the ‘lite’ version of the virus.  However, as a result, you are still a carrier of this virus, and if you are interacting with others, not heeding the advice of social distancing, not washing your hands or being careful when you are touching surfaces that others touch, you are still promoting this virus to spread.

We do not tell you this to scare you.  We tell you this to educate you.  Part of your shift, with all that is going to be happening, is to learn to go within and have more of a discernment lens. What is truth, for me? Even if one person or media channel has said one thing, does this resonate as truth for my situation?  What precautions should I be taking? 

The same goes for this message from us – does it resonate as truth?  Are there parts of you angry as you read this, because you don’t want it to be truth, because then you would have to make more decisions that might affect your bank account?  Our job is not to protect you from losing money.  What if one of the biggest shifts that is meant to play out here, on a world scale, is the creation of the government giving everyone a universal basic income or some construct like that? Then there will need to be many businesses and self-employed feeling the crunch, in order for the ‘mayday’ signal to be loud enough from the people, for the government to act with more money.  They have given you the bare minimum. Though they are claiming they are going to make sure you are served, as many of you well know when you look directly at what the details are, the amount they give you will not be enough or maybe you don’t even qualify.  The point isn’t for you to be victimized by the lack of their ‘first draft’ being imperfect.  The point is for you to gather in groups and get loud.  Make your needs known.  Force them to come up with a second draft, and a third, and a fourth, until it meets your needs. Or else, the economy will suffer, and lucky for you, the government does not want that.  So you have more clout here, than you realize.

For example, day care workers.  Many memes are going around on the internet that are very true.  If day care workers are considered ‘essential workers’ in this crisis, why are they not being treated as such, both in their pay and their benefits?  Why is it, that they are not given masks just as health care workers require them? Now we realize that there is a shortage of masks.  Do you think this is an accident? This is part of the contrast.  If everyone was able to easily have enough masks, whether you were a general worker going every day to your workplace, or one of the ‘essential workers’, this crisis would not seem as dire. The fact that essential workers – daycare, pharmacy, government, transporters, grocery stores, nurses/doctors/all health care workers – have to continue to serve you and your family, without masks, is the ultimate sacrifice. They are heroes, each and every one of them, and deserve more appreciation and grace than the general public is giving them.  Is a thank you enough, when doctors are having to self-quarantine, living in separate quarters from their children and spouse so that they don’t infect their own family, because they are saving yours?  Everyone who goes to the grocery store, if any of you are going there symptomless but with Corona virus (not to mention if you dare go when you are sick – DO NOT, ask for help from others), these workers are putting themselves and their families at home at risk…for you.

So what can we do for these families, more than post memes with ‘thank you’ or having governments give them a shout out?  If you are religious, pray for them.  If you are spiritual, send them appreciation, grace and Light.  If you are atheist, thank them verbally.  Do not go to grocery stores in a bad mood and take your stress out on these workers. Do not go into hospitals expecting special treatment when they are overwhelmed, exhausted, and bursting at the seams.  Do not try to hoard prescriptions that leave others without the medicine they need.  Do not send your child to daycare, if you can arrange other daycare arrangements, even if it means your own money might take a bit of a hit.  If you have the opportunity to change the way you do business, do it. Do not take advantage of these daycare workers unless you are ‘on the front lines’, someone who is an essential worker in this crisis, and truly have no other choice.  Otherwise, you are manipulating this crisis for your own gain and this has to stop.  Find your integrity, and use it.

There are many ways the next few weeks and months can go. Either you as a collective will be like the phoenix rising out of the ashes, or you will continue to use your greed and low consciousness to continue to darken this potential of raising the consciousness of the planet and re-birthing the world’s systems as you know them.  Already you are seeing ways that the low consciousness is manipulating this crisis.  In the USA, Trump, his family, and other members of government buying or selling stock before or after messaging that they know will affect the market, is illegal, but they are doing so for their own gain.  With everything going on, this seems like the least of your worries, but it is a symptom of the bigger problem – those in power who have no integrity or even empathy in some cases, using this crisis for making money, vs serving their fellow man.  You need to declare what your needs are as a collective to your government.  The more they feel you may panic and bottom out their beloved stock market or economy, the more power you have. Do not just sit idly by waiting for them to give you all you need. You DEMAND what you need. Make them work for you. Isn’t that essentially what their role is supposed to be? They signed up to be ‘civil servants’.  Make them serve.

You can do this.  Use your Essence lens.  Pray/intend for clarity of what you can do to help in this crisis.   For those of you finding ways to safely entertain others, support others, have gratitude for those on the front lines, good for you.  Want to make up a prayer group or daily statement that is sent around for all the essential workers so they see that you appreciate them? Then do so. You can do that from the safety of your own home, while they are at risk.  Find ways to support them.  For those of you that ARE essential workers, TELL the public HOW you can be supported. Time to declare your needs. You deserve them to be met.  And the people need to listen.

With respect for those who value the shifts that can occur when we all work together in gratitude,


For those of you who prefer to hear SAM on audio, here is a 10 minute audio copy of this blog:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/glorjvey81guhgt/Seeing Truth In These Confusing Times - March 21%2C 2020.mp3?dl=0

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