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The Corona Virus - The Opportunity And Gift In These Times - March 17, 2020

Maureen & Guides


"This corona virus is a test for mankind.  It is a litmus test, for where your planet is at. Are you high consciousness enough to get yourselves out of this crisis and into creating better systems that work for all?  Or are you going to let this crisis eat away at you, clearing away your last feelings of hope? It is all perspective." -  SAM  (the collective consciousness Securely Attached to Mankind)

We know that many of you are concerned about what is coming in the days ahead, as you see the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic arriving in your country.  We can take learning from the countries that this pandemic has already hit – China, South Korea, Italy, as examples.  Every country has had a different response, and as a result, different death tolls and viral spread.  It is imperative, especially for those of you who are spiritually feeling like you are protected by ‘white light’ and the likes, to understand that your physical body, if susceptible and a vibrational match to this virus, will succumb, just like everyone else. Though shielding yourself with white light and strategies of this nature will help you to raise your vibration and stay calm, they will NOT protect you from contracting the virus, if it is a vibrational match for your body.  This virus, as physical as it is, is a vibrational stimulus of sorts.  It is here to wipe out those souls who are looking for an exit point, who NEED an exit point, and can not seem to get one any other way.  In that sense, it is a gift, for everyone who dies from COVID-19 will have chosen this on a soul level. There will be no accidents. So those of you who are angry, especially in places like Italy, where the overwhelmed doctors and nurses have had to prioritize who gets care and who doesn’t, do not blame them.  Your loved one, if they were one of the ones who succumbed to the virus, had chosen on a soul level to exit.  There is no one to blame.

Why is this important?  Right now, everyone is still in a state of fear, panic, and impending doom.  For the countries in the middle of the crisis or almost finishing up, they are still in a state of shock and trauma, PTSD. This virus is the catalyst for a massive root chakra re-boot of the whole planet. Your planet has been overrun with greed, corruption, and viruses of human nature – where the rich control what happens (negatively or positively), and the poor suffer the consequences of the actions one way or another.  This reboot is a ‘gift from God’, for those who are religiously-bent, or a ‘response by the Universe’ to what many of you have been praying/intending about for months. You have been asking for an end to this greed, injustice, corruption.  This is your answer.  

This reboot allows 3 things to occur:

1.        It equalizes the playing field.  All classes of people (rich and poor) are going to get this virus, and either heal from it, be ever changed, or die.

2.        It allows for new heroes to come forth – people with new ideas of innovation as the old, antiquated systems in health, government, and law burst at the seams from the stimulus of this crisis.

3.        The world economy, with the threat of its total collapse, motivates those in power who before were not willing to make grandiose changes, to make grandiose changes to the daily lives of every citizen, especially the most vulnerable.  Instead of the focus on the rich, now the focus is on the poor and most vulnerable.

This. Is. A. Gift.  Are you capable of seeing it as such?  For those of you in fear, hoarding toilet paper and cleaning supplies and food, who do you think you are?  Is your life more important than your neighbours’ lives? Does it give you pride, for those of you who have actually bought out a whole section of a store, only to turn around and price gouge your fellow man in order to make a buck?  You are the epitome of low consciousness, an example of what fear and entitlement can create.

At the same time, there are many of you who are displaying higher consciousness behaviors: helping out your neighbours who are immune-supressed or elderly and can not get the supplies they need;  working 48 hour shifts as medical staff with the influx of patients, not even having the preventative mask in place for yourself due to the fear-based hoarders; people in government having meetings until the middle of the night as they scramble for what course of action to take;  food supply drivers doing extra deliveries to compensate for the panic and empty shelves.  There are too many examples to mention.  And you, the citizens, even those of you in quarantine, creating a community system where those that are able to can check on the elderly, take care of those in need, be the ones to risk their own contamination in order to help others.  The artists who are sharing their talents with others (think Italians singing together from their balconies) so that all who are scared can feel unified and that they are in this together.  There are so many heroes emerging, and this dear ones, has been the test.

Are you as a planet, worth saving?  When you have allowed the environment to be destroyed to the level it is, still some of you denying its very destruction?  When you as a citizen decide to no longer watch the news because it is too stressful, all the while giving those in corrupt power more opportunity, with no witnesses, to completely eradicate your current way of life with their cuts and their greed?

Now everyone’s eyes are open. WIDE OPEN.  It is unfortunate, that human nature is such, that you need to be at risk for dying, or fear your loved ones dying, in order to be awake, and for your true nature to come out (low consciousness or high consciousness), but this is the case.  The whole world is aware of the seriousness of this pandemic. You are fighting World War 3, it’s simply with an invisible enemy, until there is proof from those that lay in hospital beds, morgues, or mass graves.  Then you have the proof that you are fighting something.  The world is being forced to work together here, governments working with other governments, disease experts comparing their studies and knowledge in efforts to find a solution for this virus.  Never have you realized you are so interconnected.  What happens in one country, will happen in another. This virus does not respond to border closings, or class differences, genders, or race.  It takes out who it is vibrationally meant to find release from this earth game at this time, no exceptions.

And so….where does one go from here?  Learn the lesson. Why is this happening? Is it as a result of some uncaring God who has unleashed this virus on the planet like in the folklore of the ‘end of days’ prophecies of the bible?  Not at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This virus, in all its contrast, is your solution.  It is your chance at re-birthing this whole game that you have been playing on planet earth.  It is your opportunity to rebirth the governmental systems that have not been working for everyone, but just some.  To make changes to save the environment, as already just in this short time, as a result of these shutdowns, countries are seeing a return to blue skies (less pollution) and animals/plant life returning as a result of your changes.  You as a human collective were not on the fast track to make any of these changes to help the environment - how folks have resisted and vilified spokespeople like Greta Thunberg has been proof of that.  Governments make change when the risk to not change, is worse than the cost of the change.  Change has been forced on you dear ones, as a result of this virus. For this, be grateful. 

This is hardly comforting for someone who has contracted this virus and nearly died from it, received permanent lung or organ damage as a result.  This is no comfort to the loved ones left behind as one of your beloved family members, relatives, friends have passed.  But hear this – though on an ego conscious level these folks did not want to contract the virus, their soul did.  Your souls needed the hardship, the wake-up call, the re-boot, or the final release.  For those that have stayed alive with very few symptoms yet were tested and had the corona virus, you too, have had a re-boot.  You just didn’t experience as deep a hardship in order to get this cellular exchange.  The fact that many of you are going to get this corona virus over the next few years ultimately (until they come up with a vaccine to stop it), on an energetic level, is a necessary thing.  If you are a vibrational match for the virus, it means you have needed to alter your whole cellular structure, your whole belief systems, of who you are and why you are here now on this planet.

Those who are religious often dream of ‘the second coming’ where Jesus arrives again to save those believers and condemn the rest.  This virus is the next best thing.  Not that it condemns anyone (those that die have not been condemned, they have been released from their contracts so they can help earth from the other side).  Instead, this virus, this ‘second coming’, allows the re-boot that one would expect from a ‘God’ deity figure coming to the world to ‘save’ those who deserve saving.

Do YOU deserve saving? The way you have been living your life up until now, if there was a ‘second coming’ of any nature, would you make the cut?  What is your general vibration and outlook on the world? Do you see yourself as responsible for this world, and your part in it? Do you hold yourself accountable for every action you take, to make this world a better place or worse one? Do you ask yourself what your purpose is in being on this planet at this time, and try to serve those around you with an open heart and mind?

Or, are you one of the ones who right now, are coming up with a worthwhile scam to prey on the fear of the vulnerable?  Like the scam asking for credit cards in order to send antibiotics to those sick with Corona virus?  Or the few who have bought so many supplies in order to profit, they now have a garage full of them, while the hospitals lack the sanitizers, cleaning supplies and masks to protect themselves?

In any crisis or hardship, you as humans have a choice.  You can be the hero or the villain.  You can be the ones partying in clubs and restaurants, because the virus is not supposed to hurt your age group, while not caring that you will be a carrier of this virus to more vulnerable groups at a later date.  Are you that self-centered and self-possessed, that you do not care about your fellow man?

This virus is a test for mankind. It is a litmus test, for where your planet is at.  Are you high consciousness enough to get yourselves out of this crisis and into creating better systems that work for the all?  Or are you going to let this crisis eat away at you, clearing away your last feelings of hope?  It is all perspective.

There are going to be so many changes that are going to take place, as a result of this rebirth. With so many people at homes and not able to work, new systems will have to be put in place, ones that you can not even fathom at this moment.  Look back two months from now and see how much your world has changed.  It would not happen through benevolence.  Unfortunately, it has needed to happen through fear and the threat of death, for otherwise the human nature is to ‘wait and do nothing’.

So, you can be the high consciousness person who uses your integrity, innovation and wisdom to help create these new systems and way of life.  Or you can be the low consciousness person who hurts another to save themselves.  Those are the choices.  There is no longer an opportunity to just sit on the sidelines and let the earth’s problems be another’s issue to solve.  This virus affects every person (even if it is just with your fear of contracting it or reaction to a loved one getting it) and so the re-boot affects everyone.  Which is the point. 

So…are you going to make this a gift, or a curse?  The choice is up to you.  Choose wisely.  This opportunity is quite easy path.  Would you prefer an actual World War 3, nuclear fallout, significant natural disasters all at once?   You are being asked to sit in your homes, with access to food, water, electricity, internet.  This is an opportunity for you to rediscover who you really are, when you are not a part of the rat race. To rediscover your purpose.  To go within.  Yes, you could simply watch Netflix and wait out this crisis, but we’ll tell you a little secret.  Since this is a global lesson to learn, the more of you who just ‘check out’ and do not go inward as to why all of this is happening, the longer your quarantine will last.  The potential is months.  The sooner this virus as the teacher, effectively teaches you the students, the sooner it will be over.

So, how good a learner are you?

With respect for this game of life and all its inhabitants who make efforts every day to make this world a better place,


copyright Source Within 2020 All Rights Reserved


If you feel that someone you know would benefit from reading this perspective, feel free to share.

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