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"It has been said that 5G is different than 2G/3G/4G because it is much stronger than the others have been and will now use 'millimetre' waves.  But does that necessarily make it more damaging?  The fear is that these mm wavelengths, which are denser, will affect your body negatively because you will not be able to assimilate these frequencies.  Your body can and will be able to assimilate these frequencies.  Even for those that are sensitive to radiation, already finding yourself debilitated in ways to the radiation that is out there in the world right now, there is hope." - SAM

More and more, COVID-19 is being connected with 5G in conspiracy theories, saying that all these Coronavirus symptoms are actually as a result of the 5G technology.  We can guarantee you that we are able to see energetically what Corona is and isn’t, and it is NOT related to 5G.  There are too many theories of 5G to even mention, it is seeming that every day on Facebook, at least 3 new people are sharing 5G fears.

Do you realize that your bodies are incredible vessels, who are capable of energetically re-wiring themselves in order to combat any new assaults on the system?  If they are not capable (as in how some are deeply affected by COVID-19), it is because those bodily systems NEED the shift that Coronavirus provides.  Thus, if there are people who are somewhat affected by 5G waves, they too, need the shift that 5G provides.

We are going to talk to you about this from the energy field perspective, which ironically, science has yet to be able to really work with and fully understand.  At most, they can acknowledge that it exists.  That leaves much to be desired in the understanding of how your energy field really works, even with the movement forward in quantum physics. When this is looked at through the lens of science only, and not science plus the energy of spiritual capability, unfortunately all assessments of energy fall short.

Here is the reality – your energy field is being assaulted by things all the time. Whether it is being assaulted by someone else’s energy, your own memories and traumas, or simply health concerns in your body that have weakened your energy field to no longer be as strong and capable of resisting new assaults, at any time, you can feel vulnerable to outside stimuli.

It has been said that 5G is different than 2G/3G/4G because it is much stronger than the others have been and will now use ‘millimetre’ waves. But does that necessarily make it more damaging?  The fear is that these millimetre wavelengths, which are denser than 2/3/4G waves, will affect your body negatively because you will not be able assimilate these frequencies.

Your body can and will be able to assimilate these frequencies.

Even for those that are sensitive to radiation, already finding yourself debilitated in ways to the radiation that is out there in your world right now, there is hope.

When your cells shift to a higher consciousness template, the frequency of this higher consciousness, allows a different ‘receiving system’ to be embedded within your own cells. Which means, it’s like your own radio receiver has been upgraded, to now hold new information.  So, the higher consciousness you are, the easier it will be for 5G to assimilate.

The more your cells resonate in victim consciousness, fear, and other low emotional vibrations, think of it as your cells will be denser and unable to ‘hold’ these stronger EMF frequencies. They will bounce off, and not be received or transmitted, making you like a radio that can not get the right station – fuzzy no matter how you turn the dial.  The only way for you to be able to get that radio to work, will be for you to lose the fear and victim consciousness that weighs down your frequency to this degree.

So yes, as a result of Coronavirus (again, a response by the Universe as a way to give planet earth a much needed re-balancing), you will find that 5G is needed more than ever. The bandwidth problems that are going to be the ‘norm’ now because so many people are using the networks at home since this ‘stay at home’ shift, are going to cause 5G to be necessary.  Is that a conspiracy, the whole point of Coronavirus?  No.

It is a bonus.

It is helpful in that some of the innovative technology that you folks haven’t even birthed yet, will be able to birth as a result of 5G.  Just like anything, things can be a double-edged sword. One person can swear by the internet as a way to bring people together of all races, creeds, nations, while another can swear the internet separates everyone, using the same app in fact. And is this not true? It all depends how you humans use your resource.  5G is going to be the same. If you are always in fear, always buying into conspiracy theories which is victim consciousness and ‘the world is not safe’ at its finest, yes, you may be more susceptible, due to this fear, to have some MINOR reactions in health to 5G.  But you would be similarly at risk, to have negative reactions in health, from even a person of higher consciousness standing beside you for many hours at a time, triggering all your trauma to the surface.

You can not live in a bubble, there will always be new frequency that will potentially challenge your energy field.

We have a secret, and you’re going to like it - you are downloading new, raised frequencies all the time, if you are on a pathway of true consciousness growth.  For those of you who follow spirituality that resonates on the frequency level of fear, conspiracy, victim consciousness, you are not raising frequency, but ensuring you stay in the lower ‘bandwidth’ of lower consciousness frequency.  For you, you will have to jump out of your need to be a victim, angry/depressed and/or fearful, in order to keep up with the frequencies this earth is needing to shift to higher consciousness and new templates and systems.  But for those spiritual folks who have truly been doing their work, working with their shadow, not getting overloaded with such negative vibrations and lenses, but instead are constantly, month to month, year to year, vibrating at a higher frequency, for you, 5G will be no issue at all.  Just like 2G,3G,4G was no issue. The ‘jump’ in frequency will be no different than the jumps in consciousness that your cells take as part of your growth journey.  You will assimilate it just fine.

So, if you feel you are sensitive to EMFs and worry about how you will assimilate to 5G, the first thing you can do is STOP filling your mind and energy field with the fear-based, conspiracy-based leaders and websites.  You harm yourself by doing that, because you lower your frequency every day by ruminating in those low consciousness frequencies. Instead, start connecting in with Source, the highest frequency available to you. 

“Ask your Essence connection to raise your frequency to best assimilate with 5G so that by the time it rolls out in your area, it will not be a challenge to your body or energy field at all.”

Now, if you ask this, be prepared, for some clearings, some ‘cleanses’, perhaps even some illnesses or fevers moving through you, as a way to clear out your lower consciousness and raise you to a level where you can be a hybrid for these new frequencies.  How often do you have a random flu and look at it as if you were around the wrong people to ‘catch’ something, when truly, your body self-created those symptoms and fever in order to get you to a higher frequency level? (Answer – that happens all the time, and you are none the wiser).

Ask now, “what prep your body and cells need, to assimilate you more easily to EMFs, and 5G in particular. Ask for healing in the gentlest way possible.”  Stop filling yourself with such negative information, that forces you to live in a state of victim consciousness and fear about your future. What do you think your cells resonate with, as frequency, if you constantly stew in that type of thinking and information?

If you see yourself as a vessel, and what you become truly is based on what you think and what/who you connect with, you will better understand your true energy field capabilities.

Your energy field could be basking with the light of Source/All There Is energy, which can handle any man-made frequency, and yet you choose to bask in fear and conspiracy. Does this make sense to you, when looking at it from this perspective?

If you had a friend who constantly stewed in all that was wrong with herself, was negative about everyone she met, constantly gossiped and put down others, what do you believe her vibration would be? She already mirrors the fact that the world is a scary place, unsafe, and unprotective. So yes, someone like that may feel more sensitive to many stimuli, not just 5G.

Compare that to a friend who constantly connects in with his Essence connection (Source/God).  He keeps his thoughts more loving and positive. He does not fear the unknown, he relishes the experiences he has yet to discover.  He trusts the future.  He feels safe, always. How do you think he will take in the new frequency of 5G?  Much easier.

This is fully in your control dear ones. You are not at the whims of the governments who are trying to damage everyone for their own nefarious gain.  Though we do absolutely have mirrors of some narcissists who are pathological in their intent in this world right now (Ex. Trump), it doesn’t mean you take that info to the level that all governments are creating some New World Order to get rid of much of the population.  What consciousness level, if weighed as a frequency, do you think that type of thinking resonates at?  Versus thinking that you control your environment and how you react to it, because you control your vessel (body) and energy field?

Who has more power over you daily, do you think?  You, or the government?

Empower yourselves dear ones. Let go of the drivel.  You are so much more than you believe.  Allow Source to teach you how powerful you truly are.  You will be surprised at how much you matter, at how powerful you can be, and how much change you can bring into the world, just by being your Essence-based self.  Be you, in the highest consciousness that you can hold. That is all that is needed, to heal the earth and this game of life.


From fear into empowerment,


10 min audio SAM reading of this blog:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc0dxee0f17lxic/5G conspiracy - Apr 8 2020.mp3?dl=0


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