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Found 2 results

  1. "It has been said that 5G is different than 2G/3G/4G because it is much stronger than the others have been and will now use 'millimetre' waves. But does that necessarily make it more damaging? The fear is that these mm wavelengths, which are denser, will affect your body negatively because you will not be able to assimilate these frequencies. Your body can and will be able to assimilate these frequencies. Even for those that are sensitive to radiation, already finding yourself debilitated in ways to the radiation that is out there in the world right now, there is hope." - SAM More and
  2. Note: This is a long blog - at least a 10 minute read. If you are fearful about some of the conspiracy theories you are seeing on social media currently about COVID-19, SAM makes sure you will deeply understand what is truth, and what is not, from their perspective on both COVID-19 as well as conspiracy theories in general. Grab a warm beverage and grab a seat! "Use discernment. Stop buying into half-truths that have been taken out of context and then re-purposed into a whole theory that has many holes. Stop listening to the fear mongers, those that infer that everyone with more power
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