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13 Year Anniversary Channelling SAM

Maureen & Guides


It was 13 years ago, June 8, 2006, that SAM came through for the first time and had me commit to working with them as their channel.  To look back now and realize how low consciousness I was in my trust level, in my own personal issues, in the way my life was constructed, it is mind blowing that they would be able to even believe I was ready to channel them. Luckily, because we had worked together in another life or two, where I had already (as a soul) channeled a smaller version of their collective, my soul had enough faith in them to ‘open’ to them quite easily.  It was me, the ego costume Maureen, that had the trouble with my new channeling gig.  Having grown up in a family that had confused beliefs around spirituality/religion, I had no footing or 'spiritual' belief systems other than my Soul’s to go on.  I grew up being taken to the United Church, for many years, sitting through Sunday school sermons about Jesus walking on water and Moses parting the Red Sea and wondering why anyone was not questioning the validity of these ‘truths’.  One of my parents was an Atheist so in a way this made it easier as I had two opposing views right in the same house. I realize now that was a gift, as it allowed me to realize I could make my own decision about what I believed, versus if both my parents were more devout in their religious beliefs.  I wavered in my belief systems, always, about what I believed. Was there a God? Or a Jesus that was ‘son of God’?  Were there angels?  Was there an afterlife? Is there such a thing as reincarnation?  I had no clue.

To go from that, to channeling as a multi-channel many different guides and deity figures is farther away from anything I could ever fathom I would do as my career/life purpose.  And yet I find myself more at peace now than ever before in how I see the world, and my place in it.

Though I struggled for many years in learning to trust SAM and the other guides that I was channelling, I am grateful for those years. SAM used to call me a ‘diamond in the rough’, telling me that one day I would find that my life experiences would slowly buff out the rough edges of that diamond and I would be smooth.  They told me the other day that in their mind, I was finally ‘smooth enough’, and they chuckled.  For them to say that, means a lot to me.  I know I have a long way to go in my own consciousness learning and growth, and so if they see that I am much better than I was, I’ll certainly take that compliment.

We all are works in progress.  What we are capable of in consciousness one year, we look back the next year and question how we could have been so wrong in how we saw a situation, what we did, what we said, or who we hurt.  And yet at the time, we did the best we could, with the learning we had, and the perceptive lens that we were using to see the situation.  SAM has taught me to accept my imperfections, to realize no matter how long I channel, I will never be perfect.  I will always be human, and a flawed human at that.  All I can ever do, is my best at that time.

Our reality is constantly changing.  What I believed to be true even in the first few years of channeling SAM, is much more expansive now.  And it will continue to work that way.  My beliefs have changed as I have been exposed to more ‘truths’ about the way the world works, the way we manifest as a collective, the way karma works.  The more they teach, the more I realize, that I know NOTHING.  That what they are teaching is just a drop in a bucket, compared to all the learning and truths there are in this Universe.  That in and of itself is a humbling thought.  Which is why when I hear other psychics or healers or channels talking about different ‘truths’, I realize those could very well be true as well.  SAM has a focus, a certain ‘area of expertise’ that they are to teach, and there are other guides/healers out there that are to teach other areas. This of course makes sense. We often talk about a one ‘universal truth’ but what I am discovering is that there are many aspects to this ‘universal truth’ and in fact on the surface, it won’t seem that there is much of a universal truth at all.  And yet, I’m sure, if we were all able to back up enough to see the full universal ‘bigger picture’ we would see how all these pieces provided by different healers (and even different guides being channeled) would fit together quite nicely.  All we have are some of the puzzle pieces.  The full puzzle hasn’t even been put together yet.  Our planetary consciousness is lacking many pieces.  We are acquiring them piece by piece.

So that leaves us with two choices – to either continue to seek, to continue to learn, or to stop learning because we believe we have it figured out.  As soon as we find ourselves there, that is where growth stops. There is always more to learn, more perspectives to consider, more depth to be mined through. That is not only what makes this game so fascinating, but rich in its development.  How boring it would be if there really was an end point where we could feel we knew it all, and our only job was to teach that to others.  Who would just want to regurgitate ‘truths’ over and over for the rest of their lives, rather than continue to learn new ones?

I am grateful that SAM as a collective continues to grow and learn themselves, adding Lego pieces to their own consciousness so that even they receive upgrading.  It keeps the learning fresh and keeps us and them advancing in consciousness, in what we learn either through the groups I run, in private sessions, or through my radio show.  It is this continued ‘newness’ that they offer that has helped my faith grow in them over the years – because I realize if they don’t have the answer or ‘know’ something, they will either tell me they don’t know it, or find an expert out there in universal consciousness that does. They constantly seek too, which makes me trust them more.  This is a game, even for them.

SAM, you have had faith in me to smooth out my rough edges even before I knew what my rough edges were.  It took me many years of detoxing from unhealthy patterns in my life before I could even see Truth in many ways.  Even when I was lower consciousness than I am at this moment, you loved me.  You respected me. You taught me about 50/50.  You showed me a higher version of myself that I could reach if I just had faith in you and this path.  You supported me through the divorce of my marriage, through the separation of important family members, always reminding me that I deserved to be surrounded by people who could honor and love who I really was, and treat me well.  And by letting some of the old karmic patterns and people go, I have found myself friends who are my family, a lover/partner who is more loving than I could ever imagine experiencing.  All because I trusted you in my darkest days that the templates you showed me as proof of what I deserved, could become true.  And now they are.  I live out these templates daily.  I will be eternally grateful that we do this work together, that you have supported and challenged me through it all, and that you continue to stimulate me to grow in my channeling skills and my skills as a human being.  I am grateful that you grow too, upgrading in consciousness as the problems in our world seem to get more serious, more dire, and you allow new guides to come in as ‘the answer’ to some of my many questions.  My life would never be as emotionally/spiritually rich if you were not in it.  I may be your ‘diamond’ but you are my inspiration to discover the details of this game, what is beyond, and consciousness itself.  With gratitude for these 13 years, SAM.  May there be many more.

And to my clients, those that came in the earlier years as well as those I currently have now – thank you.  Thank you for being on this journey with me, for asking SAM your questions that gave me answers too.  For expecting more out of me as a channel, as a practitioner, as a human, and thus forcing me to move through my own soul and ego blocks so as to become a better human.  I wouldn’t be doing this work if it wasn’t for you, so gratitude to those of you who come for private sessions, to my EASE and Truth Seeker members, and to all of those folks who listen to my radio show.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.  May we continue to grow and learn together in this great game we call life.


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Rough around the edges, is where you started and as you buff and buff we all learn how to also buff out our edges. Appreciation and Gratitude is only the start of how I feel for you and the group. As I age, I realize the wisdom that comes with it. Just thinking back a week in my life, I see the growth. Sometimes slowly but like what happened yesterday, was a huge jump in my reality. Moving forward with discernment and grace does take courage, but to me that is the only way now. So, thank you Maureen , Sam and guides for your patience and love for us to keeping finding ways , so we finally get it!!! Moving forward with Ease and Grace.😎

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Congratulations Maureen and SAM  on finding each other and agreeing to work together. Happy special anniversary. I have had the priviledge of accessing your teachings for 12 years now.  I cannot imagine my life without the personal growth that I have experienced  over that time,  and continue to experience. Through  your teachings and  love  you have empowered us to take radical responsibility for our entire life experience - not an easy or obvious thing to do for you as teachers and  us as humans. Your compassion, patience, and nudging ( when we need it) 😏and yes ‘’tough love’’  are precious. i am deeply grateful and so very happy to be on this journey with you both!  Much love 💕 

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Congratulations Maureen and SAM. Wow what a journey you have had! So glad that I have been able to experience and learn from you both. It certainly has been life changing for me as well. I so appreciate the support, the guidance and the advice, even though it hasn't always been easy to hear. I am continually amazed how much you share and the scope of the learning. Very grateful and sending much love.

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