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We Will Get Through This - SAM's perspective on the election of Trump

Maureen & Guides


"...the outcome is that over time, we are going to have a higher consciousness planet as a result of this choice.  Over time, due to experiencing the volatility of this contrast learning, the lesson of love, peace, and tolerance will be learned." - SAM


I have a feeling of great peace overflowing in me and have since about 2 am when SAM started deeply downloading this transmission of their perspective on Trump winning the presidency.  I'm going to channel SAM 'full channel' with their personality fully in place in the hopes that you will be able to feel the calmness and Truth of their words as well.  -Maureen

From SAM (collective consciousness named Securely Attached to Mankind because they are committed to helping us with our journey in this game of life):

Dear ones, we write this today in the hopes of calming down many of you who have already reached out to Maureen & Guides in fear and worry over the fact that Donald Trump is the president-elect after yesterday's election.  If you listen back to our radio shows even in the Spring (http://www.newsforthesoul.com/shows/just-a-normal-chick-who-channels/), we were always saying that Donald Trump was here as an opportunity for the planet to get a consciousness lesson.  Trump has been the magnet to pull out of hiding all of the lower consciousness aspects of people that need shifting in order for the consciousness to change for the planet to be one of more love and less hate.  Donald Trump is a mirror.  He is the mirror of the anger, dissatisfaction with the political system and government in and of itself.  He is a mirror of the underlying hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism and misogyny that takes place on a daily basis, all around the world, not just in the USA.  As Donald Trump began to speak out against minority groups, immigrants, LGBTQ rights, pro-choice rights, and the likes of basically every human who is not white and like him, he truly was speaking for the lower consciousness aspects present in the world.  Not an aspect of the world that anyone would like to admit exists, but an aspect of the world that DOES exist, never the less.  Thus as a result, instead of his comments being shot down and him being held accountable for the hatred he spoke, instead, he gained followers.  The problem is not with Donald Trump himself.  The problem is with the amount of people who think like Donald Trump, and believe that this narcissist, power-hungry man, once in power, will actually care about their woes enough to create the change that so many people are deeply and desperately seeking.

We also were clear in our radio show that this whole election was a 'test'.  Bernie Sanders was one that was offering up pathways towards great change.  He didn't win the Democratic nomination.  Right from the beginning, Donald Trump was ruffling many Republican feathers within his own ranks, but the group did not step up and denounce him as a representative of their views.  Instead, most endorsed him (less so after he continued to open up his mouth and spew hatred).  Both in Bernie Sanders' more radical view of change as well as Trump's magnetic nature of pulling out the lower consciousness thoughts of the people, many chose to turn a blind eye.  What we mean by this, is that in this time frame, before Trump was even the nominee elect for the Republican party, and before Hillary Clinton was the nominee elect for the Democratic party, THIS was when the lesson and mirroring could have been enough for deep change. Right then. Just the IDEA that the best two candidates that the USA could offer at that time would be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, was a test in consciousness, in and of itself.  At that moment, with no further contrast, the USA people could have 'seen the writing on the wall' of what this election could become, and have chosen other candidates.  But the world (and USA in this case, which we see as the microcosm mirror of the macrocosm) was not ready to make this shift with so little contrast.  The people needed more contrast 'to learn the lesson'.  And thus, instead of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to run for president for the Democrats.  And instead of ANY other Republican choice (any choice would have been better), Donald Trump was elected to represent the Republicans.

This is where the game got more interesting.  As the election ensued, it became more clear that neither party was ideal.  We in our radio show started getting across the message that if truly the choice was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, that the lesser of the two evils was Hillary Clinton.  This message, due to the fact that Donald Trump will not keep any of his promises because he has been proven again and again to be a compulsive liar who will say whatever anyone wants to hear. (which by the way is the trait of a very compelling narcissist).  More contrast began, and the healing of the planet began. More people began to speak up about how awful this choice was, but the focus was even more on how dangerous it would be if Trump were to be elected.  More people were speaking out against Trump's mirror of racism/bigotry/sexism/misogyny.  Trump made it very easy for people to prove their point.  The more he opened his mouth, the more hatred and intolerance for others came out.  Again, 'the lesson' could have been learned there.  That is the mirror - knowing there are so many supporters of Trump - that the true issue is that too many people are feeling it is okay for people to think this way about other fellow human beings.  Trump rallies showed the hatred spreading, with Trump even inciting violence and some 'followers' complying.  All of the mirrors of 'the lesson' have been present the whole time.

So what does it mean that Trump was chosen as president-elect? It means that unfortunately, USA as the microcosm mirror for the planet, has shown that as a planetary consciousness, we need more contrast experiences in which to learn.  To play this game of life, you have two ways to experience everything that happens to you. You can live through a lens of suffering and 'hard path', or you can live through an easier path of joy and positive learning.  Meaning, you may learn the same lesson (ex. to love one another), but you learn by either experiencing the fallout of not loving one another, or you learn the lesson by the very act of loving one another.  This choice made 'by the people' overwhelmingly last night, is showing that at this particular stage in the game of the collective consciousness of the planet, you are not ready to learn by the easy path of love and joy.  You still need the contrast.

And contrast you will have.  Donald Trump will behave at first.  As pompous as he is, this new brand of power has gone to his head and even in his own mind, he will 'try to do right by his country'.  However, this will not last, because of the true nature of his personality. At his core, he is disconnected from his own Essence. He is not in power as the president-elect to 'serve his country'. He is in power to gain more power, and to acquire another notch on his belt.  It is not about 'the people', it is about him.  So yes dear ones, for all of you who are upset and deeply grieving about the fact that 'the people have spoken' and the USA overwhelmingly wants Trump as the representative of who they are, you have much to grieve.  For you, those of you who could see clearly how dangerous Trump could be, not only for USA but for relations around the world, are a person that we would call 'a seeker'.  You are someone who is more able to see the bigger picture, to look at all elements of the game at the same time (rather than voting for someone ignoring all of their other qualities because you want to get rid of Obamacare or avoid stricter gun laws, as an example).  You seekers KNOW that this will mean more contrast for the world.  And you don't want any more contrast, because as a seeker, you have already chosen that you would much rather play this game from the positive side of the coin (through joy and 'easy path').

However, though you have many people who are also seekers and share this consciousness of love rather than hate, unity rather than division, and inclusion rather than exclusion, it is not enough.  Because the magnitude of the lower consciousness aspects that are within all of us (including you), are still too present.  So many people voted for Trump, because they resonated with him, as disturbing as that is.  And if you are reading this and you did put in a vote for Trump, we are not saying you are a bad person.  What we are saying however, is that you did not hold the consciousness as of yet to see the bigger picture and that no matter what Trump is telling you at this time, he will not keep his promise, because quite frankly, he is incapable of it.  Read up on the concept of narcissism itself,if you doubt us. A narcissist cares about no one but himself. Trump will serve as president for his gain. No one else's.  And due to your own fears and pain and anger, the idea of keeping the status quo felt worse to you, than 'change'.  Even volatile change.  And as a result, you felt Trump was the better choice.

There is Hope.

HOWEVER, and it is a big however....even though this choice has been made 'by the people', there is hope. Lots of hope.  The lesson all along has been about aiming the planet towards a greater level of peace, love, and tolerance.  You will reach this greater level, but you will have to go down before you come up and out of it.  By choosing Trump as your leader, and his personality, you have chosen a more hard path and volatile pathway to discover that in the end, the only thing that is truly going to save you from your anger and pain, is love. Not more hate. Not kicking immigrants out of the country. Not punishing women for pro choice.  Not ending same sex rights.  You will realize that the more you try to divide in order to conquer your pain, the only thing that will be victorious is more hatred. And thus, you will learn the lesson.  It may not be pretty, and there may have to be some really uncomfortable moments for both the country of USA and the world, before everyone raises in consciousness enough to say 'no more'.  In fact, it may takes years of this contrast to figure it out.  But you will figure it out. All of you.  Even those of you who voted for Trump in this election.

And thus, there IS hope.  Whether you choose easy path or hard path, the outcome is that over time, we are going to have a higher consciousness planet as a result of this choice.  Over time, due to experiencing the volatility of this contrast learning, the lesson of love, peace, and tolerance will be learned.  So though you do have the right to grieve today - for those who already could see that the path of Donald Trump will lead to more contrast, not more love - be assured that as he moves into the presidency with a chip on his shoulder that he is the king of the world, he will sooner or later fall.  And he will fall because of you.  Just as so many of you put him into office, even more of you will ensure he does not stay in office.  The collective consciousness of love will win out in the end.

So what does that mean, in the meantime?  NOW WHAT???

Breathe.  Getting angry at those who voted for Trump is not going to solve anything here.  They voted for him because they have lost their job and believe Trump when he says he will get more jobs coming back into the USA.  They voted for him because they live in so much fear in their daily lives that they need to carry a gun to the grocery store, and fear more regulations being put on guns and their right to bear arms.  Things may have to get worse before they get better, as you have already been seeing for months. The Black Lives Matter movement is a perfect example of something that shouldn't even be happening in 2016 - black individuals getting shot by white police officers for doing nothing to invoke them. This is a sign of the times to come.  More contrast. More extremes.  More moments of "Is this for real???  How can people not be seeing this??"  And by these moments, these moments of darkness will promote change.  More of you will bond together in local movements such as the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. More of you will connect together in efforts to squeeze out this lower consciousness lens on the world.  And you will win.  It will take time, but you will win.

Try not to be overwhelmed at it all this morning.  In the bigger picture, Trump winning yesterday has assured that this consciousness shift will happen. With free will, it's still a matter of time as to 'how much contrast' you as USA citizens, and us as world citizens will need to explore and experience before we reach our 'enough' point. (Clearly the hint of this much contrast back at the beginning of election time wasn't enough for the shift.)  However we will reach that boiling over point.  And yes, it will be uncomfortable.  All of us in the world, not just the USA, need to sit in the knowing today that hatred, bigotry, fear-mongering and scapegoating won out.  But it is only a matter of time before even the Trump voters see that Trump has not kept his word, he IS volatile in office, and that something must be done.

So breathe.  The world will not end.  It will get a bit more real, the hatred that was more insidiously covered is now out in the open as Trump won by an overwhelming majority of people who felt it was okay to turn a blind eye to all of his flaws, still citing him as 'better than Hillary'.  So there is much more to learn.  But learn it you will.  Because this is the game.  What you need to learn as a person, and as a planet, is inherent.  What differs, by free will, is HOW you learn it - either through 'hard path' contrast experience, or 'easy path'.  Though a harder path has been chosen, those of you who can see the Truth now can still choose easy path.  You can choose to stay connected to your own Essence connection and inner  guidance system enough that you know what to do as these contrasts ensue.  That you too, will not be pulled down to the lower consciousness level that needs to rid itself in this world before we can experience a higher consciousness living grid.  So truly, each and every one of you have the opportunity here to 'connect more'.  To connect more with others, to connect more within.  Trump as the contrast, can force those who are awake to connect more with Source itself, which is the very frequency and nature that you will need to overcome his mirroring of hatred and intolerance long term.  So think of this as needing to have lost your house, your job, your life savings, in order to learn that you need to be a better money manager.  You perhaps didn't need to have that much contrast, but the core lesson was still learned and the outcome of being a better money manager in the future, assured.

So, do you trust your own inner Essence connection? Do you trust that you will be grounded enough to have the right response, when more of this contrast hits?  Or do you fear you will fall prey to lower consciousness responses yourself? THIS is what you should be thinking about today dear ones. The stage has been set. It has been chosen for USA and the world that things will become more volatile to learn the lesson.  What state of mind do you want to be in when the volatility comes?  Do you want to be grounded and anchored in the Truth lens that is provided by your own Essence connection? Or do you want to get unhinged by the fear and anger and act out in lower consciousness in response?  Hate begets hate.  Love begets love.

THAT is what the focus needs to be - now what?  What do I, as a being who is a seeker, need to do now to ensure that I am strapped in for the ride?  How do I make sure that I raise my consciousness as a result of this opportunity for learning, rather than lower it???

As always, questions are welcome.  We will try to answer them as best as we can.

Be strong America. No matter how many people voted Trump in, we assure you that more than that will end up voting him out...whether it be in months to come or years to come, his reign will not last forever. Nor will his lens of the world.  So choose wisely until then what YOUR response is to his antics, stay within your own Source connection, and all will be well as the planet moves towards more tolerance, peace, and love.


Securely Attached to Mankind


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Thank you SAM for giving us Hope and Optimism, but more importantly the solution to avoiding personal hard path. In total gratitude, Lynette

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Guest Krista

Posted (edited)

I had a dream that Trump was participating in a group/tank with many of us. This wasn't the Truth Seekers group, although a kind of incarnation of it. It was respectful, inspirational and had a building sense of community. It was actually pleasant to speak with him.

Reflecting on it now in the waking world, it seems like an odd dream to have cause I'm not a fan of Trump.

I may have had this dream to recognize that no matter how different and challenging someone seems to us, there is the possibility for community.


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My take on Trump is that he is just a bump in the road, summoned by all of us in some strange way. He will help to focus us on what counts - and for me, it ain't politics. Politicians all deal in fear and authority to greater or lesser extents. Trump is just the latest and most powerful evidence for the craziness of politics. He is a follower, like most politicians, who is simply giving voice to the most potent fears of many in the U.S. Obama certainly spoke to higher values, and I could imagine sitting down with him for dinner for a great conversation, but he was hamstrung by the system, as will be Trump. No one person can change the world through power or fear.

I'm not happy to see Trump in power, but political power is limited and becoming more so all the time. Progress or evolution is never in a straight line and Trump helps to prove that. My prediction for the future? The good will get better and the bad will get worse - Trump proves the latter. The future is going to be messier. But human consciousness will survive politics and politicians. The world will change through each one of us, in the raising of our understanding and our consciousness to embrace peace and love. We're all in this for the long haul, and Trump is just a distraction in my view, but one that helps us to focus on what's really important. My only politics is peace, love, freedom, and respect. I can't find any politician who really embraces or acts on those primary values. I remain an optimist.

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Maureen & Guides


Agree, this was written so long ago, and it certainly has gotten messier hasn't it.  But more people are 'waking up' to fight back (women's marches, DACA to name just two) so that is good to see.  Was easy for all of us to be asleep at the political wheel, expecting who we voted for (or didn't vote for) to 'take care of business'.  Think more people realize now that they need to be more alert as to what is going on.  The corruption in the Trump White House is a lesson for us all.

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