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Blog is open...now Guides...time to cooperate....

Maureen & Guides


Hi everyone....it's been a long time to get the new forum and blog working. Still working out the little kinks as we learn to use it with our clients.

The way I'm going to use this blog is fully 'divinely timed' - no rules on 'when' I will post, nor 'why'. When the Guides have something to say, they'll urge me to channel it, and I'll do so...right here. And so if you follow this blog, you'll get their latest thoughts as soon as they leave my head and hit the internet.

I look forward to the first time the Guides say to me, "Okay...it's time." I can feel it's soon.

Til then,


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Lynette Monitor


Looking forward to reading your posts Maureen, even having my perspective on things challenged! all the best to you in 2015!


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