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  1. Maureen & Guides

    Why Now? - March 31, 2020

    "There. Are. No. Victims. All there truly is, are Innovators. Birthers of 'the new'. Visionaries who can come up with ways to change the systems that were not working for you (and there were many) so that they work better for all the people, not just a few. Do you realize the opportunity you truly have here folks? How often, does the whole world at the same time, get a chance at rebirth? To literally save the planet from the harm and destruction that you have been ignoring as your individual and collective responsibility to heal?" - SAM Many of you are wondering why this corona virus has to happen now. Many of you realize this virus will affect your upcoming wedding, or graduation, spring sports, or many other losses as a result of this viral ‘inconvenience’. We ask you, is there ever a good time to have an existential shift of your planet? It could be in the middle of winter, where the northern hemisphere can experience temperatures like -30 degrees Celsius or colder. Would that time be better? There is never going to be a time that is good for everyone. The fact that it is occurring now, in 2020 is mother earth’s attempt at giving you clear vision. Many of you joked, as 2019 rolled into 2020, that you hoped you would see things with 2020 vision. Well…aren’t you? What have you already discovered, as a result of this crisis? Are you seeing how little family time or alone time you were creating for yourselves, until it was forced on you? Are you seeing how you valued your drink at Starbucks on a daily basis, more than saving money for a rainy day or emergency? Are you seeing the truth about yourself, when crisis hits, as to whether you keep your balance, or fall into fear and paranoia? There are so many truths that you are going to be seeing as a result of COVID-19, that we might as well nickname it ‘The Balancer’. This balancer is going to show you where you have been ‘off’ in your life, and what path changes can help you be more ‘on track’. For those of you who say, “But SAM, my life was great, I wasn’t off path in any way. Everything was great until COVID-19 came along!!!’, we would ask you to reconsider. If everything was so wonderful, why is the planet in such disarray? Why is there such discord between people of different races, sexual orientations, or polar opposite belief systems? Why is there so much anger, and judgement, and disconnection within your human game of life? Do you have anger about COVID-19 changing your work place, if you are allowed to work at all? Or do you see COVID-19 as an opportunity for rest and redefining what is important in your life? Our perspective is everything. Our own biases create our lens, and it is our lens that we use to judge what is good, and what is bad. What is considered helpful to our growth, and what hinders it. COVID-19 on the surface appears to be quite a hindrance, cancelling life as you know it, essentially. What if your life needed to be interrupted or cancelled? What if the trajectory that all of you were on, (even those of you who felt your life was ‘perfect’), was guiding you all to a massive fail as humans on this planet? This re-set, this re-boot, is saving your ass (for lack of a better term). Without it, you folks would have perished, eventually. This balancer is calling out all that is wrong with your world, with your values, with your priorities. You now have the chance, with so much introspection and time to retreat, to really look at what was considered ‘normal’ in the world, and to question your individual and collective values. Why is it, that healing the planet’s ozone layer/emissions was considered undo-able, and yet already within a few months, there is proof that mother earth’s atmosphere is healing? Why is it that you have needed the utmost contrast, to experience this simple truth? Why is it, that you have needed to be forced inside, in order to actually ‘go within’ yourself, or connect with the others in your household? Were they not important enough as a priority before this? Why is it, that you told yourself it was more important to sign them up for spring sports, run ragged as you go from practices to games, rather than realize that a simple board game or walk together as a family is all that your children require? You have been programmed, and we mean seriously programmed, as a society, to want more. And that even when you have enough, it isn’t enough. You still need to add to your collection of _(insert word here)_ in order to feel that you are successful in life. What if all of that programming, is the absolute opposite of what will truly free you? What if those were never priorities that were necessary for your family’s development, other than what past patterns had told you was ‘normal’? What if introspection, connection with others and within yourself, becomes the new normal? Do you think you would be better off? How many of you, in this time of crisis, other than fear, have been able to have moments of silence, peace, clarity, perfection in knowing that you now have an opportunity to better your life? There are so many opportunities here dear ones, if you can find them. But you have to look. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves. Those of you who are ‘stuck inside’, protected from illness, have it so easy, versus all the workers who are out there for you, keeping essential services running and working to save the lives of you or your loved ones. How sad for you that you must binge watch Netflix in order to pass the time. Your elders had to pass the time while crouched in the trenches, waiting for the command from their officer telling them to advance on the enemy. Would you rather exchange places with them and be in a different kind of war? How grateful are you for the essential workers, who out of their desire to serve and help others, are risking the health of themselves and their families, while you stay safe at home? Does it feel in balance to feel sorry for yourselves, while they risk it all in the name of ‘doing the right thing’? Even for those of you who have potentially had to close your business or have permanently lost your job, this is no accident. It truly isn’t. If you are not able to qualify for the government help, and it seems that your business or finances are in crisis as a result of this ‘balancer’ shift, you have to ask yourself what was out of balance about the work you were doing. If your business or way of creating income is meant to survive, it will survive. Perhaps it will need some minor tweaking or a full overhaul, but if it fits in this ‘new world’, it will fit. If it has no place in this ‘new world’ that is being vibrationally built by everyone as we speak, the alignments for it will deaden, and fall away. Not an accident. Not a punishment. But an opportunity for the new, for you to contribute to this new world with innovative new ideas that carry us forward as a collective. There will be new jobs and innovative businesses, ones that align you more with your true purpose and reason for being here in this time frame. There are no victims here. Even those of you that will get really sick from COVID-19, will need to, for the shift to your cells and consciousness. For those that pass on as a result of COVID- 19, they too as Souls have chosen this exit time, as hard as that is to contemplate. There. Are. No. Victims. All there truly are in this situation, are Innovators. Birthers of the new. Visionaries who can come up with ways to tweak the systems that were not working for you (and there were many), so that they work better for all the people, not just the few. There are also those that are Resistors, Deniers of the truth, Deniers of the shift that is currently occurring. Which would you rather be? Do you realize the opportunity you truly have here folks? How often, does the whole world at the same time, get a chance at rebirth? To literally save the planet from the harm and destruction that you have been trying to ignore your responsibility for? You have a re-do opportunity here. How often do ‘re-dos’ truly come along? Use it wisely. Open your eyes. Open your minds. Open your hearts. Go within and tune into what ‘God’ or ‘Source’ has given you as wisdom and apply it to this problem, and you will see that COVID-19 and this ‘shutdown of the world as you know it’ is not a problem at all. It is the solution and the way forward to a better world. Always here to answer your questions and support you on your journey towards wisdom, SAM 9 minute Audio Version of this blog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/layar6mjfpp2t0m/blog -Why Now - March 31 2020.mp3?dl=0 copyright Source Within 2020. All Rights Reserved. If you feel that someone you know would benefit from reading/listening to this perspective, feel free to share. For more information on SAM, go to www.sourcewithin.com Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SourceWithin.Essence/ There are more than 100 hours of free teachings from the collective consciousness SAM on Just A Normal Chick Who Channels radio podcast - http://www.newsforthesoul.com/shows/just-a-normal-chick-who-channels/#tab2 To contact the channel of SAM, Maureen Becker - email at maureen@sourcewithin.com
  2. Maureen & Guides

    Gratitude For Life Through Weight Gain

    "By losing energy, flexibility, and mobility, I now have gratitude for health." Hello, my name is Maureen Becker and I am a sugar addict. As a result of my little experiment with SAM over the last 2 years (to eat whatever I crave and want, whenever I want), I have gained one hundred pounds over the last two years. What kind of spirit guide would let their host gain one hundred pounds, only to be considered 'morbidly obese' by any doctor? A smart guide. A brilliant one, actually. I have struggled with my addiction to sugar and carbs all of my life (I'm 43). I snuck oreo cookies even when it was discovered that I was allergic to chocolate as as child. This didn't stop me - those oreos would be in my mouth, and the proof would be imminent - a rash around my mouth after the fact. But to me, even getting caught with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar was worth it. I'm not sure where my addiction to sugar started from, but I sure know what it feels like to be under its control. There have been times in my life where my whole world and focus was on what my diet was - was I cheating and eating sugar/carbs, or was I staying clean and avoiding all the foods that I know bother me? There's a long list: sugar, wheat/gluten, corn, dairy...those are the main ones. I tried natural diets avoiding those foods - the longest I lasted was two years. I dropped weight like crazy once I avoided all my trigger foods (allergy and intolerance for digestion) however it made my life miserable in going to restaurants, over to other people's house for dinner, etc. I was 'the one that couldn't eat anything'. As a result of this 'clean' diet, I was the lowest weight I've ever been as an adult - 145 pounds. This is me, more than a decade ago, at 145 pounds Finally, after losing some relationships, gaining pressure on my marriage because my husband (now my ex) was frustrated with my rigid diet (I became almost a hypochondriac regarding what a 'bad' food would do to me if I ate it), I started to cheat. I no longer tried to be so clean, ate some of my trigger foods, and as a result, started gaining weight. At this point, I kept it from getting out of control by doing exercise six days a week. I kept up this regime for many years. Eating somewhat 'clean' with lots of exercise I felt that I had slayed the dragon. I could eat restaurant food, go to people's houses for dinner, be able to go through a drive-thru, and yet still eat healthy most of the time. AHA! I have overridden the sugar beast! I have won the war! Or so I thought. Until a few years ago, I got into a car accident serious enough to give me whiplash in both my neck and lower back, which forced my six-days-a-week exercise to go down to non-existent exercise. I was still eating the same foods as I did when I did exercise, and in fact was craving more sugar-laden foods because I was no longer getting my 'endorphin high' from my daily exercise. The weight started to add on. the beginning of 'eat whatever you want' It was then that I realized that I hadn't resolved my addiction to sugar at all. I was keeping it at bay with exercise, but I hadn't slain any beast. It was still there, lurking. Waiting for its chance to strike. SAM offered me a different perspective at that point, a fork in the road as it were. They explained that my Soul had a few lessons to learn about addiction, trying to keep my appearance 'socially acceptable', caring about what others think, finding my own inner beauty when my outer beauty was questionable in my/society's eyes, to name a few. They suggested that I didn't panic about my weight gain, but 'give in to it'. They asked me to consider finally slaying the Sugar Beast, but through a completely unorthodox process. "Let yourself eat", they said. "Let yourself gain. Fully give in to your cravings. For the first time in your life, allow yourself to eat all of the chocolate and sugar and junk food you want. You need to find internal reasons to be healthy, not external reasons (such as what is considered beautiful or others' expectations of how you should look.). You need to find your own reasons for eating healthier. And ironically the only way you are going to learn this, is by becoming unhealthy until you CHOOSE HEALTH." Gain weight by choice? Were they f*cking kidding? Why the hell would I do that? However the more I was in angst over the fact that I couldn't exercise and my sugar cravings were increasing, the more I realized I was fighting a fight that felt fairly impossible to override at that time. I wanted to be free of my addiction to sugar. They ensured me that if I let myself get fat, found my 'inner beauty' and lost my power battle with food, sooner or later, I would find a new Essence-led weight that was best for my body type, and for my Soul's learning. Unfortunately, it seems I am quite a stubborn Soul. I had to gain one hundred pounds, overeating for a few years, needing to really experience what it is like to live with that extra weight as a lifestyle, to understand the true lesson SAM was trying to get me to understand. current weight 285 pounds!!!!!!! All of a sudden, I was eating chocolate every day. Going through McDonald's drive-thru (I used to curse McDonald's drive thru years ago when I was clean. I had so much food dogma, everything was either 'bad or good'. There was no in between). Now I was one of the drive-thru mamas, grabbing a meal on the go while driving my children to their dance and gymnastic classes, rather than taking the time out to plan meals and use my crockpot. Crockpot? Damn the crockpot! I didn't NEED to do that anymore. I was free. I could eat whatever I wanted!!! I began to realize how much power I had given to food, all of my life. I could not look at food as just fuel. It was way more powerful than that. It controlled me. It controlled my thoughts. I was obsessed, and an emotional overeater. However all of a sudden, this Spring, I noticed a change within my psyche. By eating the 'naughty' foods that I would never have allowed myself to eat before without guilt, they simply became food. They lost their power over me. The naughty foods were simply food that tasted really good, but were unhealthy as a daily choice. I was learning firsthand the results of 'eating whatever I wanted'. Moving around in a body one hundred pounds heavier was not comfortable, IS not comfortable (I'm still 100 pounds heavier as I write this today). Bending down before was one graceful movement. Now, I hesitate to bend down, for fear I won't have the flexibility to actually reach the floor with my big gut in the way. (Note to self - achieving a healthy weight is not to please others or be 'sexy', it is so you can bend down and pick up things without being out of breath. Who knew?) All of a sudden, going to the movies (one of my favorite things to do) was a self-esteem test, as I had to wiggle my ass out of the movie seat creatively rather than stand up without my butt and hips scratching against the side arms as I rose. Yep, that's my big fat ass. If I had to climb out of a window right now in an emergency situation, this would be my predicament. Sigh. Too many chocolate bars... I have gained a lot of weight to gain the Truth - I never appreciated my health when I had it. Not one bit. I took for granted that I could move around with ease, have flexibility, have strength, breathe well, do exercise without trouble, etc. Never for one minute did I consider any of those situations to be a gift, a choice, or something that could be taken away. It just was. Now that I am out of breath easily, now that my hips squeeze tightly into chairs, now that going for a 5-10 km walk (which was my norm) seems impossible, NOW I appreciate the concept of health. I always told myself that if I could eat anything I wanted, I would be happy. I needed to realize that this was a lie my Inner Sugar Addict was telling myself. Oh I was happy as I ate the chocolate bar. However I was not happy as I waddled, doing my errands feeling my inner thighs rub together. Yet I still ate. And ate. And justified every bite to myself - "I can eat whatever I want!!" I have needed to eat those 'offending foods', the foods that I labelled as 'bad, untouchable' for two years in order to feel like I got my fill. I had given food so much power, that it took me that long to rebel before now a chocolate bar is just that - a choice. A choice that tastes good but makes me feel so fat and tired that it robs me of health and energy. I told myself I was free by being able to eat what I wanted. However that was another lie my Inner Sugar Addict wanted me to believe. I am now entrenched in fat, having to lose a lot of weight to get back to a healthy weight. That is quite a task, one that I am just beginning the journey of. However, I will lose weight now with a completely different consciousness. This isn't about going on a diet. This isn't about aiming for a certain weight either. This is about choosing health. I now see what SAM meant. I was never choosing health before when I exercised. I exercised so that when I was single I would be attractive to men. I ate healthy food as a woman following society's rules. I wasn't eating healthily and exercising to achieve health and well-being. I was doing so to be socially acceptable, to please others, to stay 'sexy' - all of the reasons why many of us stay at a certain weight and drive to the gym first thing in the morning. It is expected of us, if we wish to stand in the grocery store line without feeling shame as we see the myriad of magazines with slogans of "Lose 10 pounds in 5 days!" and "Get great abs to spice up your sex life!!" NOW, I want to discover a weight where I can be healthy and happy. To eat food with a neutral consciousness, to be healthy enough to move and exercise my body, and to have energy to enjoy life. No bad or good foods. Just food, that I choose, on a daily basis, based on my intuition of what my body needs. No rebellion. No starving myself or overeating. Just eating the right fuel for my body. Every pound gained has been worth it. I look different, that is to be sure, but I also have a different perspective now. I have my internal reasons for wanting to be healthy for the first time in my life. By losing energy, flexibility and mobility, I now have gratitude for health. You may think this was foolish, or unnecessary. However for me, now I can finally anchor into the feeling of what it means to 'treat my body as a vessel'. I could intellectually grasp that phrase before, but I could never live it. I now understand that if I don't take care of my vessel, it won't take care of me. And if I can eat whatever I want but I am so unhealthy that I can't live life to the fullest, how is that freedom? I choose health now, because living without it, is not an enjoyable life. Eating chocolate with freedom does not trump being healthy in my vessel. I choose health because that is my right as a human being playing this game. And to live my life by choice without it? Well, that finally feels like a ridiculous concept. Sugar Addict be gone. You've got nothing on me now that I know and feel the Truth. The jig is up. Time to pull out and be grateful for my crock-pot, and to start moving my body with joy, because I can. Time to be grateful for all of the health I have at this moment, and have gratitude for all of the health I can achieve by choosing it, every day. Seems easy enough to me. And so the journey of self-love begins. Maureen copyright Source Within 2015. All rights reserved. Pass it on!! Did this inspire you, make you chuckle, or challenge you thinking? Want to influence someone else's day? Forward this to a friend so that they too can follow this blog. It's as simple as joining our free membership to join the Source Within community (interaction with the Guides, forum, free monthly podcast, and Maureen & Guides' blog!). Click here for your free membership!
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