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Found 2 results

  1. Note: This is a long blog - at least a 10 minute read. If you are fearful about some of the conspiracy theories you are seeing on social media currently about COVID-19, SAM makes sure you will deeply understand what is truth, and what is not, from their perspective on both COVID-19 as well as conspiracy theories in general. Grab a warm beverage and grab a seat! "Use discernment. Stop buying into half-truths that have been taken out of context and then re-purposed into a whole theory that has many holes. Stop listening to the fear mongers, those that infer that everyone with more power
  2. Maureen & Guides

    Bullying - Right Down To The Chickens...

    "Every time you shrug and say, "Oh that's a shame" and move on with your lives, you have just driven by the pimp beating the prostitute on the sidewalk for not providing him with enough quality merchandise..." - SAM I don't consider myself overly political when it comes to social politics - save the whales, save the environment....I find myself in the category of being interested in those articles, wanting to improve (ex. recycle more), but I am far from a 'tree hugger' (which is yet another stereotype of being spiritual/new age/ or a channel).
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